Server Management

A successful work of any web project depends not only on robust development, but also on the further “escort”, i.e. supporting and management. You have to keep in mind that web development, adding new features is a job for a web-developer. But actual project operation, its monitoring, design of the fault-proof architecture and its high performance are all jobs for a system administrators. And those are 2 very distinct jobs.

We profess in managing both simple and complex projects. Unlike traditional service companies, in solving a problem we don’t stop at mere separate server analysis, but we dig deep into the functional structure of your project and make decisions based on its specificities.

  • Server hardware management.
  • General systems software and application software management and accompanying tasks.
  • Accessibility and performance monitoring.
  • Web project optimization.
  • Safety, protection from DDoS attacks.


  • Operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Cloudlinux, Windows Server.
  • Application software and data bases
  • Data bases: MySQL, Oracle, Percona, PostgreSQL, Redis, influxdb, rethinkdb.
  • Web servers: nginx, apache.
  • Proxi servers: haproxy, varnish.
  • Infrastructure management systems: ansible, ajenti, ispmanager, vmmanager, billmanager, Proxmox, gitlab.
  • Virtualization: OpenVZ, KVM, docker.
  • Monitoring systems: zabbix, nagios, zenoss, ELK, percona tools, iostat.
  • Email services: exim, postfix.
  • Synchronization/Back-ups: backuppc, samba, csync, lsync, btsync.
  • Other: rt4, redmine, asterisk, kayako, memcache, seafile, owncloud, ceph, sphinx, nodejs, casperjs, phantomjs, gearman, supervisord.
  • We develop our own instruments and services on lua, perl, bash, python.
  • Network maintenance and development at internet provider level.


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